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#Wedding Planner on Lake Como

Ashtag: Wedding Planner. This has become one of the most used words related to Lake Como in the latest years! Lake Como is a real destination wedding due to many factor that occurred during the years: starting from the British Grand Tours till the Hollywood Stars that own beautiful villas on our shores. I am an event planner and I also organize weddings: they are so romantic and taste like dreams. I specialize in catering service and table decors, but I can take care of all aspects pre, during after wedding.

My services related to weddings on Lake Como:

  • rehearsal dinners on beautiful terraces on Lake Como

  • daily trips to the most stunning villas on Lake Como

  • event planning in locations in Brianza or Milan area

  • boat parties and aperitifs

  • wedding receptions

  • creation of scenographic menus

  • michelin starred chef exhibitions

  • italian style menu with our food heritage icons

How to find a good wedding planner on Lake Como? I can say there are many good wedding planners on Lake Como. Some of them organize weddings since years ago and you'll recognize them just having a look at their websites or better Instagram accounts: you will be able to understand when pictures are referred to real events or if they are fake pics or repertoires. Go on with your research using your heart and trying to feel the connections with the person that should give shape to your best desires... so, I hope to see you soon on the enchanting Lake Como and to hear from you soon :)

Who is a Wedding Planner?

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