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Villa Style - A Wedding in Brianza

The area between Lake Como and Milan is the so called Brianza Region, a very green wide area full of history, small villages with local producers and amazing Villas. Marta e Antonio are a very elegant couple that asked me a very delicate setting up but at the same time they wanted to give a style and create an enchanted atmosphere. Decors were white and green based: we used hydrangea and roses with green amaranth to create a "decadent mood" (that I love so much). We brought a touch of colours in the tableau mariage. Mise en place was made with silver plate and cutlery, white bon china and eucalyptus leaves.

Food was excellent and signed by a Michelin Starred chef: aperitivo in the garden, a 3 courses lunch and a one floor cake full of fresh raspberries ...and I am loving my dessert buffet setting every time I see it ;).

If you like the idea of being married in Brianza or close to Milan and you are looking for the best solution for your private event, don't hesitate to follow me on my Instagram and write an email to know more. Ciao!

Photo Credits: Morlotti Studio

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