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Review from Cara and Charles

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

"Giovanna planned our September 2018 wedding at Villa Cipressi on Lake Como.  It was nothing short of amazing!  From helping us find the right fit in venue to suggesting many of the small details of the day, Giovanna was incredibly attentive.  She was able to easily determine our style and vision and elevate it beyond what we could have hoped for without ever meeting us in person before the week of our wedding.  Her passion and talent for her work shows.  Giovanna was always available (even with the difference in time zones), quickly responsive, and kept us on task to create a truly wonderful experience.  She has worked with many of the vendors in the region and was able to quickly navigate some of our last minute requests without any perceptive difficulty.  Most importantly, she has a wonderful persona that made us feel so well cared for during the wedding planning process.  She took care of all of our needs during our week on the Lake before the big day - personally delivering freshly pressed tuxedos and a wedding dress that weathered the overseas travel, visiting the florist with my mother and I, and even giving us a taste of her hometown of Lecco over a bottle of Prosecco and some gelato.  She treated us like family, and I will always remember her generous spirit, patience, and great sense of humor.  I would highly recommend Giovanna to anyone looking to plan an event on the Lake!"       

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